Wire & Tube Fair 2018 Dusseldorf Germany


From 16-20 April 2018, as part of the South African pavilion, the Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa took part in the Wire & Tube fair 2018 in Dusseldorf Germany.

The South African pavilion consisted of five (5) Tube companies, namely: Robor, Delberg Engineering, Barnes Hall Longmore, Honingcraft Moser, Seascape Stainless Steel Services and STEASA as the export council. Over 1300 tube exhibitors were present and visitors surpassed 38 000. There was a general consensus from many patrons that we had the pleasure of interacting with over the week that the Wire & Tube Fair 2018, did not disappoint and maintained its prestige as being a renowned trade fair which is dedicated to wire and tube technologies. It brought new ideas, facilitated business deals, transactions and provided an environment for ideas and creative solutions, paving the way for product manufacturers, raw material suppliers, components and equipment manufacturers and technology innovators to gain their foothold in regional as well as international markets. The trends ranged from those that were mega, to small dynamic innovations and the reverberating sentiment was that the Wire & Tube Fair is definitely looking into the future.

STEASA had a resoundingly successful Wire and Tube Fair 2018, with over 200 visitors to our stand and plenty of steel tube and pipe international procurement enquiries after the fair from stockists that we were able to establish solid rapport with, which bodes well for long term relations and export opportunities.