On the 30 November 2017, the Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a business luncheon seminar at Emperors Palace as a precursor to the Dusseldorf Germany Wire and Tube Fair 2018 and STEASA was invited to give a presentation. The luncheon was attended by South African industry stakeholders from both the wire and tube fraternity and the Department of Trade and Industry. Mr Frank Aletter, the Deputy CEO of the Southern African – German Chamber kicked off the luncheon with a welcoming speech and an overview of what the agenda of the luncheon entailed.

Industry representatives invited to give presentations at the luncheon were:

·         Mr. Friedrich- Georg Kehrer, Portfolio Director Messe Dusseldorf.

·         Mr. Gordon Gleimius, Executive Director TISA – Export promotion, DTI.

·         Mr. Keith Campbell, Director SAWA.

·         Mr. Keitumetse Moumakoe, Director STEASA.

·         Mr. Bruce Crawford, Editor, Metal Working News.

The key note speaker of the event was Mr. friedrich – Georg Kehrer who is the Portfolio Director at the Messe Dusseldorf. Mr Kehrer gave an, detailed and informative presentation that conveyed the latest infrastructure improvements currently taking place at the exhibition centre, he gave an overview of prominent  company nationalities that feature extensively at the Wire & Tube Fairs, tips on logistics and access in and around Dusseldorf, new sections around the centre, new installed capacity in exhibition space in the tubing and wire sections set for completion in 2019 and he urged South African manufacturers to become avid participants and increase their presence at the 2018 Fair and beyond. In 2016, the Tube section of the fair had 1277 exhibitors from 51 countries with a net exhibition space of 51 183m, 31 304 visitors from Germany, France, Italy, Belgium, India, UK, Switzerland, USA, Turkey, Spain and Poland predominantly. The total visitor attendance between tube and wire was well over 70 000 with a 2/3 international composition.

Mr. Gordon Gleimius from the DTI followed and gave a presentation on the packaged offering the DTI has availed over the years to South African manufacturing companies in the wire and tube industry to attend and exhibit at the Wire & Tube Fair. The presentation relayed that this bi-annual trade fair was recognized around the world as the most comprehensive presentation of materials, equipment and technology for the wire, cable, tube, fibre optic and wire and tube product industries. The dti offered the following financial support to qualifying firms:

–  Exhibition space and booth rental costs.

–  Freight forwarding of display material

–  Air travel assistance up to R17,000.00 (SMME and BOE only)

– Daily subsistence allowance of R3,000.00 per day (SMME and BOE only)

Mr. Keith Campbell from the South African Wire Association gave the next presentation with a brief introductory history about the wire association, its members, achievements, the state of trade in the wire industry, their long-standing association with the Wire and Tube Fair over many years and the importance of the wire association and its members having a presence at the Tube and Wire Fair every two years.


The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa (STEASA), represented by Mr Keitumetse Moumakoe provided an account of what STEASA is, what the objectives of STEASA are, who are its members, the industries served by its members, STEASA’s stakeholder affiliation and its efforts in contributing to the national Development Plan Vision 2030 which aims to increase South African manufacturing exports by at least 6% until the year 2030. The presentation included a trip down memory lane highlighting the successful association STEASA and its members have had over many years with the Wire and Tube Fair with the assistance and benevolence of the DTI, as far back as 2006. Three STEASA members will be exhibiting at the Wire & Tube 2018, namely Hall Longmore and Honingcraft. The Tube and Wire Fair’s benefits to STEASA and its member couldn’t be understated and included the following:

·         Being a part of the world’s most important trade fair for the tube and tube processing industry.

·         Showcasing who we are and where we are.

·         Meeting the decision makers of the industry.

·         Take advantage of the global network of Messe Düsseldorf.

·         Exposure to the latest Innovations, Technology & machinery

·         Establishing new business relations & reinforcing old ones.

Mr Bruce Crawford, editor of Metalworking News shared his experiences and insights of previous Wire and Tube Fairs attended and also relayed other first-time attendees accounts of their experiences, highlighting the unmistakable enormity of the Wire and Tube Fair, the sites and sounds of Dusseldorf, Hotels and restaurants, the multi-cultural atmosphere under one roof and the vast pool of content and subject matter that is available from a media point of view when covering the fair.

Mr Frank Aletter closed off proceedings by giving a vote of thanks to all who attended and relayed his wish to see all at the Wire & Tube Fair 2018 in Dusseldorf Germany.

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