24 October 2018

The US Department of Commerce has granted product exemptions for imports of 161aluminium and 36 steel products from the Section 232 duties that the United States imposed against foreign imports. On 08 March 2018, President Trump signed a Proclamation imposing a 10 percent ad valorem tariff on imports of aluminium articles and a 25 percent ad valorem tariff on imports of steel articles for national security purposes. The product exemptions are applicable to companies whose buyers in the United States made requests to the Commerce Department for the products to be excluded from the Section 232 duties.


Government Commits to Increase Export Council Funding

22 August 2018

The Department of Trade and Industry (the dti) has committed to increasing the funding of the export councils in order to drive the transformation agenda in different sectors. The commitment emanated from the export councils meeting hosted by the dti’s Director-General, Mr Lionel October in Pretoria.

October said it was important to increase the funding in order to meet export targets and also to attach the conditionality of transformation to address the imbalances in different sectors


Algiers International Trade Fair 2018

17 May 2018

The Mediterranean city of Algiers opened its doors to the international world of trade and investment when it hosted its annual Algiers International Trade Fair 2018 from the 8th May until 13th May 2018 at Palais des Expositions Algiers, Algeria and was organised by SAFEX. The tradeshow event showcased a variety of products such as fashion, textiles, home textiles, automotive, construction, agriculture, food, furniture, machinery, steel fabrication, cosmetics products and lots more.


Wire & Tube Fair 2018 Dusseldorf Germany

22 April 2018

On the 16th April 2018 to the 20th April 2018, The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa as part of the South African pavilion took part in the Wire & Tube fair 2018 in Dusseldorf Germany. The South African pavilion consisted of 5 Tube companies, namely Robor, Delberg Engineering, Barnes Hall Longmore, Honingcraft Moser, Seascape Stainless Steel Services and STEASA as the export council.



Ghana International Trade Fair 2018

8 March 2018 The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa recently took part in the 22nd Annual Ghana International Trade Fair 2018 in the city of Accra from 28th February until 8th March. The Fair show cased products and services in both the formal and informal sectors in the Ghanaian economy complemented by a strong formal South African, Nigerian and Moroccan contingent of exhibitors. More>>


Wire & Tube Business Luncheon 2018

30 November 2017 On the 30 November 2017, the Southern African – German Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosted a business luncheon seminar at Emperors Palace as a precursor to the Dusseldorf Germany Wire and Tube Fair 2018 and STEASA was invited to give a presentation. More>>


Engineering & Technology Group of Export Councils

10 November 2014 STEASA is a member of the Engineering and Technology Group of Export Councils.  The council consists of the following members. More >>

Dusseldorf Wire and Tube 2010

16 April 2010 Colin Shaw is executive director of ASTPM, the association of steel tube and pipe Manufacturers of South Africa. He talks about the industry’s situation in his country as well as the international grade of tubing. More >>