The Steel Tube Export Association of South Africa recently took part in the 22nd Annual Ghana International Trade Fair 2018 in the city of Accra from 28th February until 8th March. The Fair show cased products and services in both the formal and informal sectors in the Ghanaian economy complemented by a strong formal South African, Nigerian and Moroccan contingent of exhibitors. STEASA’s objectives at the trade were as follows:

  • To promote and create awareness of STEASA in domestic Ghanaian Industries (Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Power Generation, Mining, Water & Sanitation, Construction, furniture and Scaffolding).
  • To make meaningful and constructive engagements with local entities that strategically have a footprint in the industries we serve and to promote our members products and value- added services.
  • To establish leads with regards to future projects in the pipeline where our members could partake.

The STEASA pavilion generated quite a lot of traffic on a daily basis from a wide range of patrons and organisations, aspiring manufacturers, current steel intensive fabricators, members of the construction association, a mining entity, representatives from the Association of Ghana Industries, an architect and a petrochemical company to name but only some of the visitors to the STEASA pavilion. Manufacturing across various sectors has been prioritised by the current Ghanaian government with the theme “one district, one factory” taking centre stage and resonating in most of the conversations I have had with representatives of local businesses.

Association member Honingcraft Moser also took part in the international trade fair, seeing it as an opportune venture in ascertaining, developing and establishing a market for their supply of honed tubing, chrome stock, cast iron wear parts and surface finishing services like chroming, grinding and polishing that extend the life of hydraulic cylinder rods and barrels, rock drills, mono-pump components, automotive press dies, air valves locomotive engine liners and ships engine liners.

All industrial demanded steel tube and pipe products are imported in Ghana as the few local manufacturers cannot produce to the required industrial standard and quality is the one factor that the local industry complains and laments about and certainly a competitive advantage that STEASA was leveraging on throughout the duration of the fair and this was met with renewed optimism because it is becoming ever evident that quality has become the common denominator for industrial applications.

Oil and gas are the buzz words with all budding and current business entities I have interacted with. Since the exploration and discovery of oil and gas reserves in Ghana in 2007 by Kosmos Energy Ghana and Tullow Oil there has been some local beneficiation in local procurement on the projects, but industry feels that more could and should be done for a larger share of local fabrication and content as expressed by Mopo Engineering, a local steel fabrication company with an impressive portfolio of projects completed and others in the pipeline.

The recent agreement between The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) and ExxonMobil for the exploration and production rights for the Deepwater Cape Three Point Project located 92 km of the western coast has reserved a 5% ownership right to qualifying local Ghanaian companies, GNPC holding 15% and ExxonMobil the remainder of the 80%. The local procurement threshold has also been increased and local entities such as Seaweld Engineering and Orsam Ghana are delighted as they position themselves to partake in the procurement phase of the project. STEASA will continue to engage with these companies and hopefully be able to assist on their steel tube and pipe needs when that time arrives.

The International Ghana Trade Fair was a success for STEASA, it was informative, produced leads and meaningful relations with the local industry and it is incumbent upon STEASA to maintain these relations and reinforce them while looking for new ones by leveraging on outside selling missions, such as the upcoming one to Ghana and Nigeria from 19th to 23rd March 2018.

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